Thank you for spending your time to visit my blog.
You may know my full name as in my blog address, actually people call me Sasa. I am currently studying in one of Indonesia's medical school, struggling to be a doctor which makes my life seems hard. Lol.
You'll think I'm a smart one (or not) since I go to medical school. But the fact is I'm just a regular student, same like the others. I get bad grades too my life is all about competition sometimes, but maybe sounds more difficult since I decided to spend my whole life into this medicine world.
I love bands, pop music, celebrity news, fictions.

This blog might be boring, I know. But, this is the place where I can share anything when I have no one to share. So, I hope you're okay when you decided to check on my blog.

One last thing, I may look weird, especially in this platform. I have no idea how to be cool via a blog but you know, being not cool is my talent. hahaha thats true. so yeah if you find me sucks or what, its fine. You can leave my blog anytime you want.