November 28, 2016

a bit.

its a bit disappointing.

a bit.

when you've trusted someone that much and turns out he doesn't. he even hesitates to tell you what's on his mind, but you've never doubt him. i know its his choice to trust people or not. but still somehow it affects me, a little.

i may be an annoying one, the one who likes to tell people almost everything. but you know, i am not that bad. i mean i never even tell people about his secrets. (lol, no, once i had and it turned into a chaos) but i wont ever do that again, like seriously.

maybe he's just thinking i'm not trustful enough to know more about him. or maybe all i did was never enough for him? he knows this more than i do.

the thing is i just dont like people know much about me yet i dont know even just a piece of them. its unfair i think. i wanna care about them like they do for me. is that wrong? i wanna listen too, or maybe i'm not a good listener? i dont know, you tell me.