October 10, 2016

the art of worrying.

i know the title is so whatsoever. but pls, today my mind is so full of worries. its so weird to think about things you cannot be anticipated yet the person you worried about didnt even think about you. but you still chose to care and worry some little things.
do you ever feel worry about other people?
like have they eat already? or how do they travel alone? can they solve their problem by themselves?
because some people thinks too much and they tend to keep it by themselves. and not few of them end up to the advanced stage (like depression, etc) just because they never share their problems to anyone.
some says worrying is one sign of caring. i agree with it.
i worry a lot because i dont want to see someone to stop smiling and cry out. imma be like "hey maybe i could help you if you need something. youre not alone and you have me."
you'll feel this especially when you have a person that really means to you then they really think they can handle everything by themselves.
if they stop being happy, i'd be like oh no, we should do something to avoid this situation. you dont wanna see someone to be sad and look so gloomy right?
so, if youre one of those people who thinks that you can handle everything alone, please stop thinking that anymore. you have a lot of people who would hand you their help. even its just a little thing that might be not really important to you.
worrying is not always negative. its beautiful to know that it can grow people's willing to help. sounds not so bad huh?