October 7, 2016


by the time you decide to continue reading this post, you have agreed to not bring up this in front of me or anyone else. you automatically promise not to tell anyone but me. so be wise about your decision.

he is that guy. he'd love to listen to your words for hours, for your non-sense thinking and laugh if its needed. he'd tell you what songs he listens to. persuade you to listen to it too. if you say its an awful song and you dont like it the way he does, he'll defend himself but still persuade you to like the song. then you decided to make a playlist for him in your phone, so you and him could listen to his songs together in the car or just sometimes you think about him and you just listen to it alone in your room.
he cant drive a car, but he can ride a bike, a motor bike but it doesnt really matters tho. as long as youre with him, everything seems so fine.
he will blabber every single thing about his hometown. brainwashing you to get to know his hometown more. bringing you their signature dish. he even give you a jar of his favorite snack and funny thing is he want the jar back. but the thing you remember about that moment is just how wide his smile is when he gave it to you.
he loves video games. he wouldnt even see he his phone when he is in a battle with strangers over an online game. but he'll be sad if he lose and damn happy yet funny if he wins with his team. he will tell you how happy he is and you congratulate him like he was just won a war. every time you ask something about this game, like youre interested, he'll respond with excitement. he even push you to learn how to play it.
he doesnt even know how to pose perfectly in front of camera and he barely knows how to smile. but you think any smile that comes from him is precious. when he tricks you or just throwing his jokes, he'll laugh and you know that's the best thing you can have from him.
he'll be humming on the phone but too shy to sing full song and let you listen. he always listen on youtube, playing music videos. especially when he's about to clean up his messed up room.
he'll stop you whenever you're about to cry. he listens, he comments, gives advice or anything he can offer.
he loves soccer. a fan of manchester united and real madrid. one time you thought he doesnt like manchester united, then he protested you the way he defend his family.
he's close to his mom, closer than with his dad. he has 2 brothers, one older and the other one is younger, they're all smart asses (just like him) (a family of brainiacs, i know).
he likes to be a wallflower. choosing to be out of the spotlights and avoiding to be the center of the attention. he has lots of fans in the school and sometimes i think it encourages him. most of the time, he feels insecure. yeah, i was like wtf. he has that brain and talent but why he has to be that insecure.
he is a nice one. a guy who would rather be silent than commenting on something (which so contrast with me).
when he loves someone, he loves them fully. like he would do anything for them.
he admitted he never know how to get a girl's heart. but i havent tell him that he did it everyday without even trying (i mean how can he get that number of fans when he's doing nothing?) he loves compliments but rolled his eyes whenever i said it. a low profile guy.
by the time i write this, i know he is a good guy. and he'll always be.

i wrote this few nights ago, and turns out this morning i told him and you should read how he react. i know its too much because "unsur kelebayan kadang diperlukan untuk estetika" lol actually some parts were edited. for those of you, who read this, you automatically agree to not talk about this to me. you may want to comment, you can just comment it below. dont bring this thing up to the real life. he already knew, he's okay, and i am okay with his reaction. you should be okay too.
the reason why i wrote this is just because one night i couldnt sleep and decided to write something. the only thing i can think of is little things. and i know little things about him that i think everyone doesnt really notice. its beautiful to pay some attention to those little things. and somehow i enjoy it.