October 15, 2016

being plinplan

SO I decided to post my old posts again to the blog. you see there's one post titled with 'HELLO'. you would read I reverted the posts to my drafts. and after thinking about it, i decided to make them reappearing again but i choose the posts tho. not all posts.
if you wanna see my posts since i was 7th grade or 8th grade, sorry, i've deleted for my personal reason. (ps: its just a sappy blog post so it doesnt really matter) (pps: the cool thing about my old posts is just my friend, my love life was a chaos)

the other thing is i wanna post something about my college mates, my trips recently (or maybe from years ago too) but you know i'm a moody person so it gets a lot of things for me to post this or that. hehe just keep looking forward lol

thanks for visiting and still keeping up with my blog!