August 12, 2016

RANTS // Dont blame me.

Dont blame me if I stop trusting on you
or if I hesitate when you want me tell you about my personal life
I had already trusted you but all you did is just losing the trust.
Some part of me want you to know, but some part of me resist to let you know
I dont know maybe this isnt the right time to trust you.
I know you wouldnt tell anyone since you've already promised it but somehow I doubt myself.
I had already told you everything you need to know, which makes me look so ugly LOL, but I dont care.
The other reason why I still cant trust on you is you never told me about your life too. I mean okay you tell me when youre upset because of you lost a game or youre sad because of your laptop which thats I do more frequently than you do. But the thing is I dont even know when youre upset or when you resent someone because you dont let me know. You told me you have nothing to share but I know you have a lot. Your life is not that flat.
I choose to not tell you about my personal life because you dont too. Maybe in the past, I told you everything but it didnt get any better for me. So yeah. I dont even know if you care or not, or just wanna know which thats what I hate the most. I hate if people only wanna know, not to care. Its like I've lost my pride to tell you about that, but all you do is silent and sometimes nodding your head like you've been in the same situation.
What I wanna say is we could do this what you called simbiosis mutualisme. But its up to you.
You can just go on to our recent chats, its like its only me who complain everything HAHA or just share what I really feeling.
Or maybe no?
maybe you have your own reason?