April 4, 2016

told by friend.

so i am gonna tell you a story.
actually this is just description.
from my friend, a girl.
and how her point of view of a boy.

he is not even that charming.
but he is charming tho, in his way.
he loves to ramble his hobbies.
games, sports, music, arts, anything.
i love them tho.
but i love more when i sees his eyes lit up,
every time he shares his thing with me.
i always looks him in the eyes,
staring at his perfection.
he may not realize, but i don't care.
his hair is so good.
maybe not for the others, but for me, it is.
it goes in its way and it never fails me to adore him.
its like everything is in the right place.
he laughs a lot.
he even laughs at my joke.
which surprises me.
i thought he doesn't see me.
he may not pay attention to many people,
but when he share something with me,
i know he sees me.
whether its like in my way or not,
i dont really care.
you know he is super duper nice.
he even apologizes to me
when he done anything bad.
just to make sure i am okay.
not mad or stuff.
he is that good.
you gotta meet him.
he is reckless, yet still care much about others.
he is cool, but somehow he is warm.
he really appreciates people
especially who still keeping up with him
still considering him as their friend
he may mumbling
"i have no friends"
but he just doesnt know he got a lot of that.
he may be low profile
but its just how he is.
he may surprise you.
thousand times.
he never shares his personal life
but when he does to you
you'll feel like youre the luckiest person on earth
he rejects politely.
he goes wherever he wants by himself.
selfish? no.
its just he doesnt want to bother other people.
he loves to eat.
gosh, he eats everything.
so funny to see him not getting bigger.

ah, you should see him.
you know i wont stop talking
when it comes to him.

just meet him, sa.
he is not as boring as you think.
he is mysterious.
there are to many mysteries to be solved inside his mind.
he is a puzzle that i gotta solve.
and i don't really give a damn about how long i will take to solve it.


now she is with that guy she always told me. you should see every time she told me about his guy, its like she bursts into happiness. trust me, you will smile too. because she is truly excited. smiling like a fool, but her smile is contagious tho.

see u at next post, peeps!