March 11, 2016

untitled (yet)

How do you get away from your problem?
The answer is there is no way to get away from your problem.

I know it. Its the rule of life, right?
but smh I just want to stay away and have my me-time for a while.

There is a lot of things going on my life at this moment. I dont know how to tell, but its more more complicated than you can ever imagine.
I need someone who will listen to me 24/7. And I know who I want. But maybe that person doesnt want to be the one. I dont know.

I want to get back to few years ago, when things were so well. All so well. I just realize it, damn. But we just cannot turn back the time.

All I can do right now is faking smiles (as per usual)
Laughing on other things besides of crying
Trying to push aside every thoughts that could make me fall
And give best act to the world about how well I am