March 27, 2016


she closed her book silently.
her mind went deeper and deeper more than she ever had.
thinking why does this happen to her.
she gulped as she stare on the floor.

reading was one of her favorite things to do.
but maybe not today.

she knew someone is caring about her.
someone was trying to get to know her.
even though she didn't know why.
she didn't even want to know why this guy care.

at first, her thoughts were running wild.
wondering why he came to her life.
why would someone as cold as him come at the first place.
but as usual, she didnt really care.

she enjoyed it.
too much.
learning that that guy was not as cold as she thought.
actually he was warm.
warm enough to comfort her.

but by the time she opened the book
she knew the truth

that guy never have the same feeling
like she has since that guy successfully completed the puzzle she never get to be done
like she had since that guy rambling random words about his life
like she had since that guy accidentally put his hand on her hand

he was never gonna give his heart
because he already gave it to another girl

which was

better than her

so better

maybe its nearly perfect

she read the book slowly
words by words
they torn her apart
as she tried to sit still
even though her whole world fell apart

maybe it was her fault
for believing her feeling
maybe it was her fault
for giving in

she shuts her eyes
biting her lips until its numb
holding her tears
so it wont stream down on her cheek

by the time she opened her eyes
she decided
she knew she would never be enough for him
she knew it all along

she wouldn't deny it anymore
she would accept it and be gone
she planned to be away
as far as she could
as long as it takes to cure her heart
because her heart was not broken
its dead

got this somewhere on the internet
dont know why i have this in my mind
like somehow this is true
in some parts