January 1, 2014

you know

you know its a love when you feel happy for anything about someone and sacrifice what you have for them.
you know its not a move when you still sit there and do nothing.
you know its a lie when you say something that isn't based from the fact.
you know its an effort when you feel you've tried and tired enough.
you know its a pain when you feel your heart bumped and gone nowhere.
you know its a teardrop when you feel your eyes blinking for few times and start to be wet.
you know its a goodbye when you know someone from a hello and they start to fade away.
you know its a haunted mind when you know you still put him on your mind even on the corner of ur mind.
you know its a jealousy when you feel envy of someone's happiness and they dont do the same to you.
you know its an end when you stop on what you've started.
you know its a failure when you do your effort and it results nothing.
you know its a desperation when you stop doing of something you've fighting for because you have no hope for it.
you know its a game when you feel you've lost and your competitor wins.
you know its a hope when you keep wishing for it everyday to come.
you know its a prayer when you starts hoping for better things to come.
you know its a runaway when you leave anything that you've been doing.
you know its a hideaway when you start putting the fact behind a lie.
you know its a sincerity when you do something for someone and you dont want a feedback.


you know you've loved someone too much.
you know you haven't been make a move.
you know you've put an effort.
you know you've been in the pain.
you know you've let your teardrops run down your cheek.
you know you've felt your hardest goodbye.
you know you've been haunted by someone on your mind.
you know you've been drown in a jealousy.
you know you've reached the end of a process.
you know you've felt that failure says hi and sit on your mind all time.
you know you've been let yourself got into a desperation.
you know you've played the game but you lose.
you know you've made hopes everyday.
you know you've let God know what you want with prayer.
you know you've been running away from the reality.
you know you've been hiding those sorrow with fake smile and laughter.
you know you've tried to make the sincerity knocks your heart and say hi.