January 22, 2017


he is so cuddly. i just know by the time he hug me hard. it was last december. my favorite time of the year. i hug him too, without any doubt. without questioning how the hell it happened so fast.
few months before, he was  just my best friend. just a good friend.
time after time, we had spent our time together.

i noticed few strand of his hair wont go the way it should be. i noticed how he won't get rid of it. actually it doesnt matter for me, but yeah sometimes its quite annoying. he had this broad chest, its enough to bury my head onto it. thats a part of him that i love the most. he would argue everything that doesnt fit to his perspective. his tiny eyes lit up every time we smile to each other. he would tease me whenever i frown. and i notice too that i will never get upset to him for such a long time. its hard for me to stay silent in front of him, because he would find a way to make me talk.

everything that makes him become him never failed to make me amazed.

he would ask me if i'm happy because of him.
and he should stop asking, because the answer is always the same.
i am happy because of him.
and i'm happy if he's happy too.

January 7, 2017

a blessing

I dont know how last year going to end
if I wasn't with you.

Things would fall apart
Things wouldn't be this good

You are the best thing that ever happened to me.

I am so much lucky to have you by my side. Like literally.
I have someone to hold onto
and I've never been this grateful in my entire life

I was hopeless, I was running out of chance
I lost myself
But I know I have you. I know you wouldn't let things fall apart
You wouldn't see my whole world collides.
That's what makes me realize that
You are a blessing.
Having you is such a privilege.

November 28, 2016

a bit.

its a bit disappointing.

a bit.

when you've trusted someone that much and turns out he doesn't. he even hesitates to tell you what's on his mind, but you've never doubt him. i know its his choice to trust people or not. but still somehow it affects me, a little.

i may be an annoying one, the one who likes to tell people almost everything. but you know, i am not that bad. i mean i never even tell people about his secrets. (lol, no, once i had and it turned into a chaos) but i wont ever do that again, like seriously.

maybe he's just thinking i'm not trustful enough to know more about him. or maybe all i did was never enough for him? he knows this more than i do.

the thing is i just dont like people know much about me yet i dont know even just a piece of them. its unfair i think. i wanna care about them like they do for me. is that wrong? i wanna listen too, or maybe i'm not a good listener? i dont know, you tell me.

November 13, 2016

Sometimes you've got to bleed to know that you're alive and have a soul
but it takes someone to come around to show you how

She's a tear in my heart

She's a butcher with a smile